Message from the Queen of Israel

Greetings Israel, I remain honored and privileged to serve you.

I welcome each of you to our 2016 General Assembly, Church of the firstborn, as we feast and give the highest praise to the Lord God of Israel.

I Thank Him for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us this past year and for looking beyond our faults and seeing our needs.

I look forward to continuing my service to Him and His people.

I am thankful for my husband, "My constant rock and friend", and our children for their love and support as we continue on our mission for the King.

Israel, I truly appreciate your love and support and all you do for me.  My desire is to always be a blessing in your lives.  Whatever challenges we may face, let us be peaceful, righteous, courageous and “love through it”.

Israel, I love you and remember that "EVERY DAY ABOVE GROUND IS A GOOD DAY"

Peace and love to all!