Israel Prayer


Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in thy sight. Holy Father, we know that thou has made us and love us and want us to be obedient unto thy word and we do thank thee for thy enduring love toward us. Help us to be peaceful in mind and heart, and lead us into thy truth and light which shall fulfill our lives each day according to thy will. Father, we do acknowledge thee and know That if we shall keep thy commandments, thy will direct our pathways in righteousness. Help us to be grateful for thy loving guidance which is without cost, yet rich with love, joy and peace; which cannot be bought or sold or taken away. And to these jewels of joy, Holy Father, please add a little prosperity for which we have need of. Help us to reach a oneness with thee so we can truly renew our strength to live and not be sick but shall walk in perfect health with thee. And now dear Father, charge us with thy power of love so we may be able to live eternally. Help us to be worthy of these and all other blessings that thou seeth we have need of. We ask these blessings in the name of the Lord God of Israel.